Vineyard Flowering in the Edna Valley

Today we are reminded that summer is just around the corner. Temperatures reached 99 degrees here in the Edna Valley today, a record high, just as our Claiborne Vineyard Estate Riesling is finishing up its flowering process. As with bud break this year, the dry and warm winter and spring set the stage for early flowering and fruit set. We figure that at present we are about two and a half weeks ahead of schedule.

Vineyard Flowering in the Edna Valley: Estate Riesling

What does this mean? Well, it really depends on what kind of summer weather is still to come. But if the weather we’ve had the last couple of months is any indication, we are sure to be heading full force into harvest by mid-August.
Let’s talk flowers. Though a grapevine’s “flowers” are not much to look at, they are an integral part of the vine’s annual cycle, where small flower clusters appear on the tips of the young shoots. At this time pollination and fertilization of the vine take place, resulting in a grape berry.
As seen in the photos below, most of the clusters still have a few flowers left. Once they’ve finished flowering, the grape berries will be set and ready for growth. Harvest begins roughly three and a half months from the time of flowering and fruit set. By the look of these clusters, we’re in for an early yet sizable harvest!
Vineyard Flowering in the Edna Valley: Estate Riesling

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