We became acquainted with Claiborne and Churchill wines when we first moved to the Central Coast (1998) via your wonderful Dry Gewurztraminer.  It pairs beautifully with Thai and other spicy foods.  We decided to become club members because we kept running over to your winery to pick up more of your wines.  They are lovely food friendly wines.  Your Cuvee Elizabeth is our “go-to” Rose. We love the family style winery  and Claiborne & Churchill makes some of the best and unique wines on the Central Coast." - Frank & Carolyn Bayliss

"As a club member, I feel like part of the family. Every time I come, I am warmly welcomed by the staff and feel at home. I love participating in all the different events throughout the year. My favorite thing to do is pack a picnic lunch and bring friends and enjoy a bottle a wine (or two or three) out on the patio. I look forward to Sips and Songs every summer. It is the perfect way to end the week with good friends, wine, food and music." - Brittany Blalock

"One of the best things about being a Cellar Club member is that we get the latest information on club events and the latest in what's new at Claiborne & Churchill. The best is probably that Cellar Club members are first in line for the new releases. The wine club events are always a fun time, meeting people and enjoying any/many of Claiborne & Churchill wines. Astronomy night is always enjoyable and educational and how best to enjoy it, a bottle of fine wine." - Jim Sorrells

"My favorite part about being a Cellar Club Member is that the customer service is so extraordinary, from every staff member at Claiborne & Churchill. Whether I am in contact to sign up for an event, discuss an upcoming wine shipment or visit the tasting room, each and every employee at Claiborne & Churchill is friendly and helpful. I always feel that I am respected and appreciated. I enjoy the Summer Sunset Dinner, which I try to attend every year.  The menu is varied from year to year but always complements the wines and the weather ALWAYS cooperates.  If I could only attend one event, this would be it."  - Patty Gabrisch

"We always get the "wine experience" we are looking for at Claiborne. Everyone who works there is so warm and friendly - especially when we have our 4-year-old son in tow! They always remember us and take the time to make us feel like family not just customers.

The garden area is perfect for picnics and relaxing with a bottle."  - Dustin & Amanda Nelson

"Our favorite part of club membership is getting your great wine quarterly and at a discount too!  We feel like family when we visit and love the friendship of the employees.   We haven't had a bad wine yet but our favorites are the Dry Riesling & Gewurztraminer. You guys also have the best events, our favorites being Sips and Songs and the Winemaker Dinners." - DeeDee & Lee Baggett

"I enjoy the fact that everyone I have ever dealt with at Claiborne & Churchill is so nice and so helpful!  It’s especially impressive given that I have never been to the vineyard but have been ordering from them for at least 5 years.  It’s really the only wine I drink! I love the Pinot Noir and the Dry Riesling accompanying a delicious dinner.  And for me, a glass of either is my favorite way to relax after a long day!" - Bev Harlan

"I've belonged to several wine clubs over the years, and feel no need to drop this one and try another one! I am a white wine drinker and I believe I joined Claiborne and Churchill's wine club on my first visit. I found the whites at C & C to be a perfect match for my taste. The pick up parties are always enjoyable. I enjoy coming to the winery with all my out-of-town friends and often bring my in-town friends as well. One of the nice things about this wine club is the loyalty program. It makes me feel quite special to be a part of the 'Inner Circle!' " - Linda Porter

"I love being a Cellar Club member! I proudly parade my family and guests through for tastings and events and have always been treated as an extra special guest. As a Cellar Club member I enjoy tasting from exclusive glasses, receive discounts and truly get top rate treatment. The staff makes a special effort to know each member and to give a warm welcome- every time. There are endless activities and everyone is so friendly. Great wine, wonderful staff- what's not to love?" - Amy Bisely

"I always get the wines I really want and they are delivered quickly and never any breakage. Whenever I talk to someone at C&C they are always so friendly and willing to help with anything I need. Also the wines are outstanding! I have given a couple of bottles to friends and family and they really loved the Pinot Noir and the red blends. The wines are enjoyed just about any time with a variety of foods and snack. They go wonderfully with steaks and chops and just about any meal." - Steve Love