2014 Winter Release Tasting Notes Video: <br/>2013 Dry Gewurztraminer, 2012 Pinot Blanc, <br/>2010 Pinot Noir and 2012 Syrah

Hello and welcome to our new Claiborne & Churchill Winery Blog! We are excited to share what’s happening at Claiborne & Churchill with you. Stay tuned for blog posts featuring recipes and wine pairings, a history of Claiborne & Churchill by our founder and owner, vineyard and cellar updates and much much more!

2013 Dry Gewurztraminer: As is appropriate for our flagship white wine, this Gewürztraminer is our first new release from last fall’s harvest. And what a winner it is! Continue reading here.

2012 Pinot Blanc: We consider Pinot Blanc to be part of our “Alsatian” portfolio, but of course it is very much at home in other wine regions. It was until recently a significant part of Burgundian viticulture (often confused with Chardonnay), a connection reflected in the name for the wine in Germany and Austria (Weissburgunder). Continue reading here.

2010 “Classic” Pinot Noir: I am tempted to call this wine a “Picture-Perfect-Pinot,” but of course modesty prevents me from doing so. Honestly, if you are looking for all of the varietally-true hallmarks of Pinot Noir, you need look no further. Continue reading here.

2012 Syrah: By now I think it’s safe to say that Syrah has become a full-fledged member of the Claiborne & Churchill wine family. To be sure, our three (soon to be four) Pinot Noir bottlings testify to the preeminence of that grape in our Edna Valley viticulture, but a cool-climate Syrah such as the one we make (from grapes grown at Wolff Vineyards) is a welcome addition to our portfolio and a nice alternative to Pinot Noir. Continue reading here.