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2008 "Cuvée Elizabeth" Dry Rosé

Alcohol: 13.5%   |   pH: 3.41
Residual Sugar: 0.2%

This fruity rose was made by taking juice off the red grape skins shortly after they are crushed, so that the color (in the skins) does not become a dominant red.

Source: Twin Creeks Vineyards

Bottled: 30 April, 2009
177cases produced

Start spreadin’ the news!

The Dry Rosé is back in town!

It’s been a tradition at Claiborne & Churchill for – what – fourteen years? Every year about this time we release this yummy thirst-quencher, and every year our supply is gone by the end of summer. Perfect!

Based on the free-run juice from our Pinot Noir harvest, and fermented virtually bone-dry, it has the lovely berry aromas associated with that grape, and yet like a white wine it is smooth and fruity (downright “slurp-a-licious”).

Our daughter Elizabeth’s “Cuvée” sports a label with some artwork she did twelve years ago. If you come to the winery and can catch her when she’s working in the Tasting Room, you can get her to autograph her wine! (Tell her we sent you.)

Although dry (with only 0.4% r.s), the wine is luscious and smooth: a mouthful of fresh fruit. Perfect for summer on the deck.